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Our In-Studio Showcase!

For some people a Friday night can be the start to a relaxing weekend full of couch time and catching up on their favorite TV shows like reruns of The Office or The X-Factor. For others, there’s dancing at Arthur Murrays…


In the photo above you’ll see Rebecca being cheered on by all her friends, instructors, and family members in the audience! She has participated in many of these performances, and has obviously become more and more comfortable with enjoying herself on the dance floor. Having worked her way up the Arthur Murray system here in Merrillville, Rebecca has started to enjoy some of the more unique and skillful dances like bachata and bolero. The staff here loves seeing members progress and continue to enjoy their dancing year after year. It’s so rewarding for us as instructors to witness our students having a blast on the dance floor after weeks, months, and years of happy learning here at our Merrillville Dance Center!