New Year, New You, New Goals!

One of my favorite words in Latin is tabula rasa, which means “blank slate.” We rarely get the opportunity to start fresh, or have tabula rasa, but that’s why I am so grateful we have the concept of a New Year. It is a built-in time during the Roman Calendar for renewal. This time of year is perfect for nostalgia, to reflect on the past, but also a time of the year where I generally see people being the most critical of themselves. Unlike all the other uplifting articles about the New Year, this one is going to keep it simple.

Have you ever had that resolution where you wanted to lose fifteen or so pounds?

Have you ever had the resolution that you wanted to be out of your comfort zone in a thrilling, cool kind of way?

Did you ever make the resolution that you just wanted to find your happy place, wherever that is?

Have you ever made a resolution where you wanted to see yourself improve better as a person over time, hopefully for the better?

If you answered at least two out of the four questions with a YES, and then hesitated from the thought of not upholding those resolutions, first of all, you are not alone. Accept the unfinished business as lessons learned, and push forward to the future. Try dancing at Arthur Murray’s. You can accomplish your weight loss goal here. You might be out of your comfort zone, but you’ll find yourself apart of a family. A happy, supportive one. You’ll see yourself grow in ways you never thought you could, whether it’s learning a new dance, starting a new routine, or competing. Start your New Year or tabula rasa here. 

Your favorite Arthur Murray Instructor, Sabrina <3

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Dancing Is Good For Your Health!

The Health Benefits of Dancing — Including Specific Benefits of Different Dances by

If you secretly sashay across your living room when you’re home alone or long to cha-cha with your significant other, you’re in luck. Not only is dancing an exceptional way to let loose and have fun, but it also provides some terrific benefits for your health.

In fact, Mayo Clinic researchers reported that social dancing helps to:

•Reduce stress
•Increase energy
•Improve strength
•Increase muscle tone and coordination

Dancing the night away can burn more calories per hour than riding a bike or swimming.

And whether you like to kick up your heals to hip hop, classical or country, the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) says that dancing can:

•Lower your risk of coronary heart disease
•Decrease blood pressure
•Help you manage your weight
•Strengthen the bones of your legs and hips

For the complete article on and for more information and a complete list of benefits click here!

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