Class of 2011


Linda Metzger

Linda Metzger from Valparaiso, Indiana decided to come to our studio so she would be able to dance at her daughter’s wedding. Her and her husband hadn’t danced before, so they wanted to learn the traditional dances for this special event. She came in January 2006, and immediately noticed that there wasn’t enough time to accomplish what she wanted to be able to do at the wedding. Linda decided to get serious toward the dancing even after the wedding, and still pursues it to this day. Her first competition was in Las Vegas, and when she arrived she saw all the glamor involved with the “competitive” Arthur Murray dance life. She finds it very unique to have had experienced this for herself.  Linda has won numerous competitions, and has won the national pro-am all around competition at Arthur Murray’s largest competitions on more than one occasion.

Dancing at Arthur Murray’s has allowed her to “live out a passion” that she developed initially so she wouldn’t have to feel humiliated on the dance floor. Linda “escapes from the real world” and would “drive through the ice and snow” to come through our doors to get a little escape from the real world…  She fell in love with the glamor and the chance to partake in this, which has become a very important part of her life.   Arthur Murray’s lets her express herself through the different dances and gives her a joyful exercise place to come to throughout the week. Linda thinks everyone should experience dancing at Arthur Murray’s to feel the closeness that comes when dancing with other students or their instructor.

The talented Linda Metzger has last checked out of silver II in the Arthur Murray Medalist System. A few of the hobbies and interests she has includes: dancing, reading, and traveling the world. She considers herself a semi retired home builder due to her “inability to let go” of the job she loves. Out of all the music she listens to here at Arthur Murray’s, Linda is most passionate for the Bolero, Waltz, and Fox Trot genres. Not only is Linda Metzger an incredible dancer, but also has an amazing personality and we are very thankful to have had her as a student for over six years at the time of this writing.

Rich Bieker

Rich Bieker of Crown Point, Indiana started taking lessons so he could party with his friends, but needed steps to function on the dance floor when he went. Rich took his first Arthur Murray dance lesson in the fall of 2004, and he’s been coming every since. He has attributed many things like increased physical health and getting in better shape to his dancing. Also, Rich says dancing at Arthur Murray’s has helped him to make new friends while improving his social life both inside and outside the studio. He would recommend dancing to everyone because “most people can’t dance, and they need to know at least a few steps to be able to function socially.” He believes everyone can get the same thing out of the dancing, just like he has over the years.

The last level Rich checked out at with the Arthur Murray certified professional examiners is bronze IV. The many other activities he is involved with are golfing, working out, weightlifting, reading, dancing, and “keeping up” with the news. Rich is the proud owner of his company called Crown Rentals, in Crown Point, Indiana. He was raised on music like rock and roll and heavy metal that continues to be his favorite still today. Arthur Murray Merrillville is lucky to have had a very enthusiastic and fun man like Rich in the studio for all these years.

Susan Amos

Susan Amos of Valparaiso, Indiana began taking lessons in July of 2005 after the loss of her son, John Douglas Amos, in combat operations in Iraq.  John was a war hero and was awarded the Bronze Star and the Hawaiian Medal of Honor, and Susan needed a “new beginning” and a positive atmosphere to help her deal with that loss.  Susan has developed into a fantastic dancer, and just recently graduated from Silver 1 and has participated in numerous showcases featuring a routine in almost every dance.  Her two favorite routines are the Swing which was set to Johnny Lang’s “Matchbox” and a Latin Medley of Cha-Cha, Mambo, and Samba to “Tambourine” by Eve.  Susan is the proud grandmother of three, Alayna, Mason, & Logan.  They affectionately refer to her as “Okee-Dokee” and they have great fun together.

Susan has worked as a Project Analyst in the Financial Accounting Department for Arcelormittal in Burns Harbor, Indiana, for the past 8 years.  Susan had two children, Becky and “JD” and she lived in England for 3 years where both children were born.  Susan is known around the studio as the “#1 Cheerleader” at showcases as she helps keep the excitement and enthusiasm up by creating fun signs, and helping to “lead the cheers” to inspire the students who are dancing.  Susan is very creative and has come up with numerous costumes that she created from scratch for festival parties, and she loves party decorating.  One of her favorite TV shows is, you guessed it, dancing with the stars, and Derek is her favorite male pro on the show.  Her favorite author is Stephen King, and her favorite food is lasagna.  We are very proud to induct Susan into the Merrillville Arthur Murray Hall of Fame for her years of dedication to dancing – and fun!  Keep it up Susan!